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Set Goals - Reach your Audience - Get Results

A strategic digital marketing plan is beneficial when you are looking to promote your products and services to the online community. Without this framework you might find that you have no real commercial purpose and your marketing activities may not achieve the results you expect. If you have  a strategic marketing plan to follow, you can take an organized approach to your sales and marketing activities. It will help you connect with your customers, meet your business goals and deliver increased revenue.

A strategic marketing plan contains several key elements;  

Your strategic marketing plan will help you to determine what tasks you need to complete to reach your objectives. Sharaliy Digital can help you develop a tailored plan. We will combine all our digital marketing skills with your own knowledge of your market.

If you have visited any of our other services pages you may recognise that we talk about strategy a great deal. From content marketing strategy to SEO strategy, or social media strategy to website design strategy. Everything we do to help your business grow is based on having the right strategies in place for each of your marketing activities. Your strategic marketing plan brings all those tactics together in one key guide.

Our Bespoke, Innovative and Genuine approach to digital marketing along with our team of experts from each of our service specialties will provide you with a clear plan to hit your goals.

A strategic marketing plan contains several key elements:

Our Bespoke, Innovative and Genuine approach to digital marketing along with our team of experts from each of our service specialties will provide you with a clear plan to hit your goals.


Work With Us?


You will discover that all our digital marketing services begin with a free consultation. It's important we to get to know your business, your goals, your customer base and competitors. We take this holistic approach to look at your entire business so we can determine which digital marketing services will best meet your objectives. You can rely on us to always provide the best value for your marketing budget during this process. Havin a strategic marketing plan takes this approach to a deeper level and we will carry out additional research to help us devise your tailored guide.


Our approach to working with clients is perhaps unusual, however, we view clients as new partners. We believe this takes our service to the next level. Our team will immerse themselves in your business and we will work as an outsourced digital marketing department. Your success is our success and we thrive on developing long-term working partnerships where we are all working towards the same goals.


As a full-service digital marketing agency, Sharaliy Digital brings an integrated approach to all our services. We combine our technical and creative skills with commercial awareness. This means we make fully informed decisions on how to meet your business objectives. With our partnership approach, you will be involved (as much as you want to be) in the strategic decision-making process. We’ll always ensure you understand our proposals to drive your business forward.


Your Strategic

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Your Strategic

Digital Marketing Plan

Our process begins with discovery. We need to know everything about your business, products, services, target customers, buyer journey, competitors, sales processes, and current marketing. Yes, we actually do mean everything! You will be asked many questions, and we will pay close attention to the answers. On top of this Q&A session, we will carry out research. We will perform audits of your online presence and analyze your data. Your competitors will be examined as well as your industry as a whole.

Our next step is the planning process. Now that we’ve gathered ALL the information about your business, we’re able to start developing the central strategy that aligns with your objectives. This is where we will look at setting up measurable campaigns and define the digital marketing solutions that will bring you the best results for your given budget.

Although we can of course provide a strategic marketing plan as a one-off service, we hope you will continue working with us on the digital marketing initiatives we outline.

If you choose to move forward with us, our next step is to start implementing the strategies that we recommend. As we offer a full range of digital marketing services, we can guarantee that each strand of your strategic marketing plan will complement each other. All your digital solutions will focus on reaching your overarching objectives.

Your tailored marketing mix will be continually reviewed to track results. We will use measuring, reporting and testing techniques which then provide the opportunity to optimize each individual campaign. For example, we can fine-tune messaging or adapt the buyer journey. Or perhaps we’ll choose to alter focus to different customer segments or modify other aspects of a campaign depending on your insights and results.

Sharaliy Digital can produce a strategic marketing plan which will clarify where your marketing efforts will provide most value to your business. If you would like to know more on how this can be achieved, please schedule a free consultation. All you need to do to get started is click on the button below to book your no-obligation call.