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Powerful results from effective campaigns

Powerful results from effective campaigns

Illustration representing email marketing, with a man working at his office desk creating an email campaign

If you are looking to build great relationships with your customers and improve your brand awareness, our email marketing services can bring you fantastic results. Creating relevant and engaging email campaigns allow you to consistently engage with your audience.  You can also get the best results by sending specific messaging to different segments of your audience.

Our email marketing services are closely linked with our content marketing and CRM services.  For example, you might need copywriting for an automated promotional email campaign which is triggered by a specific action on your website. Or you might prefer to send an email sequence following a customer sale.  

We can offer you stand-alone email marketing services or we can integrate them with our other digital marketing services. Understanding the needs of your customer base will determine your success with email marketing campaigns. By working with you, we will devise bespoke email campaigns to target your audience at each stage of the buyer journey.

At Sharaliy Digital we understand the many financial pressures of running a small or medium sized business. With this in mind, email marketing campaigns can be one of the best marketing tools for those working with confined budgets. It’s a quick and cost effective way to keep your customers updated on your products and services. Email marketing can be a great tool to help you develop your brand.

By using email campaigns you can position yourself as an expert in your field by delivering valuable content to your audience. Furthermore, keeping in regular contact with your customers helps you build credibility as a business.


Work With Us?


Your online success and business growth are behind every strategy we put in place at Sharaliy Digital. Our holistic approach allows us to gain essential insights into your business. We need this understanding to offer you a bespoke email marketing solution which brings the results you are striving for. Performance is at the forefront of all the services we offer and our team of digital marketing experts have the experience and knowledge to provide the best solutions for your individual business needs.


We view our clients as our partners, and we judge your success as a win for our own business. Our key aim is to provide you with a customized strategy that delivers results. We hope that as your business grows, you'll be happy to remain one of our client partners, investing further in your digital marketing strategy.


Your collaboration with our team of experts is of prime importance, and we always encourage a strong working partnership. It’s important to us to build your trust in our abilities. We want you to have complete confidence that we have your best interests at heart. Our approach is fully flexible and we will pull in expertise from across our team of creative and technical professionals to provide the services which will maximize your return on investment.

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Email marketing


Your starting point will always be our initial free consultation. This is where we start the process of getting to know your business. We need to learn about your products and services, your customers, your current online presence and your vision for the future. At this stage we will ask you how involved you wish to be. You might prefer us to manage your email marketing campaigns or we can teach you to set up your own automated campaigns with ad-hoc support from us.

In your email marketing strategy it’s important to set guidelines and define targets in line with your wider digital marketing goals. The type of email campaigns you choose will depend on what you want to achieve. There will be a strong focus on your customers and their decision making process. We’ll also look at whether to segment your audience to produce better results.

We’ll look at scheduling emails to help with the nurturing process. It’s important to make sure your customers are receiving the relevant messaging at the right time. Another key consideration when you start sending emails is testing. How you will measure success is a key factor to include in your email strategy.

There are many other aspects that we can include in your email marketing strategy depending on your own specific needs. If you are already using email marketing software, we can audit your customer database to provide a more focused strategy. For someone new to email automation and CRMs, we can provide information on what would fit best for your needs and budget. We have experience with many marketing automation and CRM platforms, all of which we can tailor to your business.

Everything we do at Sharaliy Digital starts with our free consultation where we can start to learn about your business. This allows us to develop a customized proposal on how we can best help you achieve results online. If you want to improve your email marketing strategy, we have the skills to generate your desired outcomes. We’d love to see your business soar, so please reach out to us today to set up a free consultation with our email marketing experts.